Desk Calendars


Still in your house due to lingering Covid concerns? Can't remember which day it is? Need a bit of cheering up? Get one of these desk calendars featuring my artworks!

The desk calendar comes with a freestanding 5x7 inch clear frame, a print with two of my artworks on each side, and a print with January through June on one side and July through December on the other side. Slide the artwork print into the frame, then slide in the January print. Change the artwork print any time; reverse the calendar print when July rolls around. Stand the calendar on your desk, in your kitchen, or anywhere you like.

Six calendar versions are available with these artworks (or you can choose your own artworks):
▸ Abstract — Pebbled, Interleaved, Cubical, Feathered
▸ Fauna — Peaceable, Rainbowfish, Skimming, Cobblestone
▸ Flora — Verdant, Bunches, Delicate, Lilypond
▸ Colorscape — Colorscape I, Colorscape V, Colorscape VII, Colorscape X
▸ Inkblot — Inkblot I, Inkblot II, Inkblot VII, Inkblot IX
▸ Colormist — Colormist II, Colormist IV, Colormist V, Colormist VIII
▸ Marbling — Marbling Pattern No. 1, Marbling Pattern No. 3, Marbling Pattern No. 5, Marbling Pattern No. 7

Select year and artwork options below. (If selecting Choose Your Own, please leave me a note on the checkout page stating the four artworks you want from the Gallery.) Here’s a preview of your selection: