Color Map Zines


Color map zines are zines with maps for you to color in. The challenge: Using as few colors as possible, color the regions of the map such that no two regions with a common boundary line have the same color.

Each 4.25 by 3.5 inch, six page zine features three maps. You can work on each map separately, or you can unfold the zine and work on all three maps at once.

Every color map zine is different from every other color map zine. The ID on the cover (e.g., “A274627”, “B683938”) is a parameter the color map zine generating computer program uses to draw the unique maps.

Type-A color map zines have fewer regions and are easier to solve. Type-B color map zines have more regions and are harder to solve.

Color map zines are sold individually. Please choose the desired quantity in your shopping cart. Select zine option below: